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Texas fires: almost 400,000 hectares burned, one death. Situation update

By b0oua Mar 2, 2024

There has been at least one fatality as a result of the fires that are now devastating Texas. As well as the issue is really concerning.

At the moment, fires are wreaking havoc in Texas. For the past few days, this state in the United States has been dealing with a number of forest fires. There is still a significant fire that firefighters are combating. This fire, which has already consumed land in this state, poses a threat to Oklahoma, which is another region that is part of the United States of America.

The flames were responsible for the destruction of more than 430,000 hectares in all. According to the Texas Forestry Service, there have been detected at least five significant outbreaks that are currently ongoing. “Smokehouse Creek” is the most concerning of the three, and it is the major one. The information that was provided by CNN indicated that as of Thursday, barely three percent of the fire had been contained. As reported by the American media, it was responsible for the passing of a woman who was 83 years old and lived in Hutchinson County. The home of the ageing octogenarian was consumed by flames. According to CNN, this fire was responsible for the death of another individual.

In the history of Texas, this fire is the largest one ever documented. Strong winds contributed to the spread of the flames. In addition, the situation can get even more dire in the hours to come. “Fire conditions will increase in the Plains on Saturday, and even more on Sunday with the possibility of strong winds across West Texas,” the Texas Forestry Service estimates on its website. Both of these events are expected to take place on Saturday.

One of the meteorologists who works for CNN, Chad Myers, stated that Smokehouse Creek travels at a speed equivalent to two American football fields every second. Sixty counties in the state of Texas have been designated as being in a state of natural disaster. On Wednesday evening, nineteen additional fires were brought under control. CNN has reported that the region is experiencing many power outages at the moment.

At least two people have been murdered by the catastrophic wildfires that are tearing over the Texas Panhandle. These fires threaten to destroy more homes, cattle, and livelihoods as the largest fire in the history of the state consumes greater and greater acreage with each passing minute.

As of right now, the Smokehouse Creek Fire has burned more than one million acres in Texas alone, making it the largest fire that has ever been recorded in the state. As of Thursday evening, the blaze had already completely consumed more than 31,500 acres in the state of Oklahoma, according to the forestry department of that state.

As a whole, the fire is among the largest that have occurred in the Lower 48 states since the beginning of credible record-keeping in the 1980s.

The wildfires have already consumed almost 2,000 square miles of land, which is roughly equivalent to the total area of land that is contained inside the state of Delaware.

Two individuals have been killed as a result of the Smokehouse Creek Fire. According to her sister-in-law, truck driver Cindy Owen passed away after escaping while on the road. In Hutchinson County, the fire took the life of Joyce Blankenship, who was 83 years old, according to her family.

It was her grandson Nathan Blankenship who made the statement, “The house was gone.” “There was absolutely no way that she could have escaped.”

• On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden reiterated his commitment to assisting individuals who have been impacted by the wildfires. In addition, he used his speech to criticize his “Neanderthal friends” who do not believe in the concept of climate change.

• Governor Greg Abbott of Texas given the go-ahead for extra state resources to be utilized in the fight against the fires. These resources include 94 firefighters, 33 fire engines, and six air tankers.

• According to a ranch that has been in operation for 120 years, over 80 percent of its nearly 80,000 acres had been destroyed by fire. In addition to being known as the Prize of the Panhandle, the Turkey Track Ranch was the location of the Battles of Adobe Walls that took place in 1864 and 1874. “We believe that the loss of livestock, crops, and wildlife, in addition to other ranches and homes across the region, is unprecedented in our history,” the Turkey Track Ranch Family Group stated in a statement. “We believe that this loss is unprecedented in our history.”






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