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Joe Biden keeps attacking Trump on abortion.

By b0oua Apr 24, 2024

After a ruling was made in 2022 by the Supreme Court to terminate the right to abortion at the federal level, the president of the United States of America accused his Republican opponent of “taking American women back one hundred and sixty years.”

The issue of abortion, which was a primary emphasis of Joe Biden’s campaign for the presidency, was once again at the center of the address that the President of the United States delivered on Tuesday, April 23, when he was present in Florida.

Shortly after his Republican opponent for the election in November, Donald Trump, left the court where he is on trial in New York for hidden payments to a former porn star, the Democrat, who is running for re-election, delivered the speech and accused the former president of taking American women back “one hundred and sixty years.” The speech was delivered at a university in Tampa.

Mr. Biden made the proclamation that “the electorate will hold Trump accountable,” citing the example of states such as Florida, where abortion would be restricted beyond six weeks of pregnancy beginning on May 1st, or Arizona, where the courts recognized a virtually total ban dating back to 1864. In spite of this, it is not unavoidable. We are able to put a stop to it. “If you vote, we will be able to put an end to it,” Mr. Biden stated.

It is clear that only one individual is to blame for this tragedy.

The Republican candidate, for his part, expresses his approval on a regular basis of the decision that was made in 2022 by the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn the Roe vs. Wade ruling, which had granted women in the United States the right to have abortions at the federal level. This decision was made by the same individual who was responsible for giving the Supreme Court of the United States a deeply conservative composition.

A single individual is to blame for this terrifying experience. As a result of her recognition, she boasts about it. “Donald Trump,” Mr. Biden criticized the president. It was a miracle, according to him, that this reversal of jurisprudence occurred. Is it possible that it originates from the bible that he is attempting to sell? In response to a lifting operation fund that was recently launched by its competitor, who collaborated with a country music celebrity to sell Bibles, the President of the United States made a mocking remark. “I was almost tempted to buy it to see what was in it,” he said.

Mr. Biden, who is himself a devout Catholic, has emerged as one of the most ardent advocates for the right to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy (also known as abortion). He is well aware that this is one of the most significant electoral weaknesses that his opponent possesses.

The Republican, for his part, is attempting to play the political compromise card. He is caught between the majority of the American public opinion, which is in support of the right to abortion, and the portion of his vote that comes from the religious right.

In November, a vote that will decide the fate of abortion in Florida

Since the ruling of the Supreme Court, around twenty states in the United States have either outright prohibited or severely restricted access to abortion. There are a lot of conservatives who are now hoping that if Mr. Trump is elected, he will support a legislation that prohibits abortion over the entire federal area. However, the former president did not make a commitment to it, claiming that the states should continue to be the ones to exercise competence.

When Mr. Biden made this statement on Tuesday, he was referring to the fact that all of the previous local popular discussions on the matter had concentrated on the right to abortion. “It’s not about states’ rights, but women’s rights,” he said. He forecast that Florida would be included on the list of affected states. Although it upheld the state’s ban on abortions after six weeks, the Supreme Court of this state ultimately decided to give the final decision back to the people who voted on the matter. In the month of November, the latter will vote on an amendment that will ensure the right to abortion in the state of Florida. This vote will take place at the same time as the presidential and legislative elections.

At the time of the presidential election, the campaign team for Mr. Biden is hoping to achieve a momentum that is powerful enough to take control of the state. Even though Florida voted for Donald Trump in both 2016 and 2020, Vice President Joe Biden informed the public on Tuesday that “I think it’s playable.” This state in the southeast has been considered a swing state for a long time, meaning that it is capable of leaning either to the right or to the left in the presidential election. In contrast, he firmly established himself on the conservative side of the political spectrum during the most recent elections.–6627965ac4c83#goto6279–actualizacin-de-precios-2024-mx

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