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Chris Pine’s film “It only lasts 100 minutes and 99 are boring” is being mercilessly slammed.

By b0oua May 1, 2024

It is with a disaster that Chris Pine makes his debut as a filmmaker, and the reviews that he has received at festivals have been overwhelmingly negative.

A discussion that took place between Chris Pine, who was a part of the film “Wonder Woman,” and Patty Jenkins, the director of the film, was the impetus for the creation of this movie. In their conversation, they discussed a pool keeper who aspires to be very intelligent. He found the discussion to be so exciting that he ultimately decided to collaborate with Ian Gotler on the writing of a script centered on this concept.

In it, he played Darren Barrenman, a pool cleaner and aspiring writer who leads a quiet life in which he always aspires for more: in his worldly relationship with his girlfriend, in his friendship with his neighbors Jack and Diane, in his work as an activist… all this will change when he discovers the largest water theft in the history of Los Angeles, which connects this ‘Poolman‘ with a film noir classic like ‘Chinatown’.

However, this is where the parallels end, as it appears that the picture, which is also directed by Pine, is not receiving very positive reviews after it has been shown at festivals such as Toronto. As an illustration, Siddhant Adlakha stated in an article published by ‘IndieWire’ that it was “disastrous. Even though it is just one hundred minutes long, you are likely to spend more than ninety-nine of those minutes either in a state of mute boredom or in a state of annoyed astonishment at having been treated to something that is so innocent and naive.

This has led to virtually universally negative reviews on rating aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes, where the movie has received 26 reviews from reviewers, with an average rating of approximately 23 percent. As stated by Matt Maytum in Total Film, “Do yourself – and everyone involved – a favor by watching ‘The Big Lebowski’ again.” This is due to the fact that the movie appears to be explicit about its references, but not so much about the goodness of its results.

What became of the TV show “Poolman” starring Chris Pine? I had reported on Tuesday about the awful premiere screening, which took place before any reviews had even been released; nevertheless, things have only gotten worse since then.

I must confess that I was not prepared for the reviews to be as negative as they were. Even though I had heard negative things about it after it had its debut on Tuesday, the audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival are known to be quite forgiving and to support mediocrity when it is necessary. Not under these circumstances.

It has been stated that the movie is a riff on “Chinatown” and “Under the Silver Lake,” and it has been compared to a neo-noir film set in Los Angeles that is evocative of Raymond Chandler’s works. When it comes to actual quality, this is where the comparisons leave off.

According to Siddhant Adlakha of IndieWire, Poolman is “one of the worst movies to ever play at a major festival.” This puts Chris Pine’s position as the finest Chris in Hollywood in serious threat.

A statement made by Michael Rechtshaffen of The Hollywood Reporter stated that “[The movie] gets lost in the shrill goofiness of a concept, which, at best, feels like the sort of half-baked SNL character sketches that tend to get buried in the slot following the second musical performance.”

According to the most recent information that I examined, the movie has a rating of 5.3/10 on IMDB, 11% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 25 on Metacritic. It would appear that Pine and his co-writer Ian came up with the concept for this movie as a joke while they were working on the film “Wonder Woman 1984.” The movie itself is now a running joke, although it is highly unlikely that it was the joke that Pine intended.

In the film “Poolman,” which Pine starred in, he plays the role of a pool worker in Los Angeles who discovers a scheme to steal water. Annette Benning, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Danny DeVito, and Ray Wise are among the cast members that Pine has recruited for this installment, and they are quite remarkable.

The introduction of Chris Pine as a director has been met with harsh criticism from critics, who have referred to it as “disastrous” and “a misfire.”

Despite the fact that the American actor is most recognized for his roles in films like Star Trek and Wonder Woman, he has also been seen behind the camera in the comedic mystery Poolman. In the movie, which also stars Annette Bening and Danny DeVito, the protagonist, a pool cleaner, discovers a theft. Pine himself plays the role of the pool cleaner.

If you want to learn more, the actor who plays Chris Pine in Star Trek claims that Harry Styles did not spit on him. This week, it had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it appears to have been a complete failure, which has resulted in a wave of negative reviews.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Poolman appeared to be an attempt to remake Chinatown from 1977. However, the film “goes tonally off the rails from the start and proceeds to hit bottom with excruciating momentum,” bringing the actors down with it.

Despite the fact that Pine was “a charismatic actor,” the reviewer stated that his likability could “only generate so much audience good will in a production overstuffed with cartoonish caricatures lacking any sort of deeper connective tissue.” The reviewer referred to the movie as “a shrill misfire.”

The film received only one out of a potential five stars from Collider, who described it as a “unfortunate belly flop.” “While the neo-noir comedy about a pool cleaner unraveling a conspiracy has its moments that show Pine’s potential as a director, it is a rhythmically erratic and flatly steered film that never makes it above the surface,” observed reviewer Tania Hussain. “The film never makes it above the surface.”

According to Slash Film, the movie was a “stretched-out” version of a sketch was performed on Saturday Night Live. “The mystery is a convoluted mess, clearly attempting to marry the intrigue of Chinatown with the escalating chaos of a Coen Brothers movie while failing to make things compelling, all while the wacky humour falls flat,” the review said. “The wacky humour falls flat,” the review stated. In addition, Slash stated that despite the fact that the film featured a cast of comedic actors, there was “nothing particularly funny here.”–66322427a1d55#goto6478

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