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‘Bluey’ has become the new ‘Lost’ as the internet speculates on the last episode’s meaning.

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Mackenzie and Bluey are in a relationship! Mackenzie and Bluey are in a relationship!

Because of its very careful scripts, its adorable aesthetics, and a certain very kind reticence when it comes to portraying family dynamics, ‘Bluey’ has become a series that is enjoyed by the little ones… and by their parents. On paper, it is not the type of series that can inspire crazy conspiracy theories, but the truth is that it has become a series that is enjoyed by both groups. As a matter of fact, the most recent episode of the show, titled “Surprise!,” which has recently been made available on various platforms such as Disney+, has sparked the most insane suspicions among adult fans.

After an episode in which it appeared that the season (or even the series, there is still no definitive news about it) was over, the highly praised ‘The cartel’ that stretched its duration to half an hour, the series returns to its usual nine minutes with ‘Surprise!’, an episode that exceeds expectations and is more along the lines of the traditional episodes. On the other hand, it provides a surprising conclusion, as the title of the book itself suggests.

Bingo, who is the younger sister of Bluey, the dog, wants to play home with Bandit, the father of the family, in the story “Surprise!” However, Bluey wants Bandit to play surprises with her instead, meaning that she should run away from his attacks with a toy pistol. Bandit makes an effort to make both of them happy while simultaneously attempting to sneak away to watch a television show about a Paralympic tournament. Additionally, at the conclusion, we are given a glimpse into the future of the characters, which is a jump in time that the series has utilized on other times.

In this future finale, we see an adult Bluey paying a visit to her parents. This is a reference to the opening of the episode, when Bluey asks Chili, her mother, what it is like to have a kid (a subject that would be joked about throughout the program). After making a remark that is related to the events that took place in “The Cartel,” they ring the doorbell, and Bandit goes to open it. Bluey’s son is a puppy who wants to play with a pistol and her grandfather, much like her mother did when she was a child. He is hidden behind the door to keep him from being discovered.

Mackenzie is a border collie friend of Bluey’s at school, and with whom some shipping has already been generated in the past (the phrase “Bluey is going to marry Mackenzie” that a friend at school used to tease them after a suspicious look was once meme fodder – although not in those pits of lame and politically radicalized memes that most of us frequent). The point is that the puppy has an undeniable resemblance to Mackenzie. Some shipping has already been generated with Mackenzie. TikToks like this one, which was created by angieinsydney, an adult admirer of the series, have seen widespread distribution due to his theories.

Not only does one of the puppy’s ears have a folded appearance, just like Mackenzie does, but there is also a similarity in the color of the puppy’s skin. This is the most obvious similarity. This is an extremely exposing blue-black combination, especially considering that Bluey is blue and Mackenzie is black. Other beliefs that were also circulating among adult admirers are demolished by this information. One of these theories was that Bluey would wind up with Jean Luc, a French dog that she had encounters with in previous episodes.

Is this the only theory that loyal ‘Bluey’ followers continue to debate over and over again? In no way; in fact, one of the most complex stories is concerning the passing of Bluey’s grandfather, who has only been featured in a single episode. There is, however, additional information: Chili and Bandit take part in couple exchanges; Bingo suffers from celiac disease; Chili has experienced difficulties with fertility; Bluey and Bingo are elderly individuals who pretend to be children; Bandit and Chili are members of an organized crime gang; all of these claims are supported, of course, by consistent evidence that does not lead anywhere. Similar to the most compelling hypotheses.

After all of the excitement, feelings, and opinions that were generated by the 28-minute special episode of Bluey titled “The Sign” (and the contentious ending), you would think that the creators of Bluey would do something to get some peace and quiet for a moment. On the contrary, the episode titled “Surprise” was released exactly one week later, and it was an episode that lived up to its name in every way.

In this episode, Bandit is seen attempting to win over both of his daughters by playing activities that are in direct opposition to one another. However, he would much rather be watching the race (of para-athletic dogs) on television. There are the normal hijinks and giggles that are a part of the routine, and then Bluey happens to overhear something significant.

During the time that she is waiting to’surprise’ her father with her blaster that shoots plastic balls, she overhears Bandit having a conversation with the Baby that Bingo is playing with himself. The tennis ball that is poised precariously atop a stubby holder is reassured by Bandit that the entire family is behind him with their support. However, instead of firing, Bluey offers to monitor the infant so that Bandit can assist Bingo with the other children. Bluey leaps out of position. It is a moment in which Bluey surprises her father by giving up her favorite game without any consideration for the consequences, despite the fact that she only has the blaster for the weekend.

When Chilli hears the doorbell ring, she is confronted with an adult Bluey who has just arrived at her house. This occurs in a time leap. Bluey is greeted by Chilli, who then informs her that Bingo is located in the back. The show also features Bandit, and it is given the opportunity to make a joke about how Bandit came so close to selling the house. In a witty way, he asks, “Are you ever going to let that go?”

Now, here is the big surprise: it is not the time skip, it is not Bluey as an adult, and it is not the Roomba that is regrettably zipping back and forth in the corner (you have to wonder how difficult these Roombas are to deal with that much dog fur). The second ring of the doorbell is answered by Bandit, who is greeted by a young child dog who is waiting with a toy blaster.

At the beginning of the episode, Bluey inquires about the experience of having children with her mother. The fact that the small dog is not a late surprise kid of Chilli and Bandit, or a neighbor or cousin, but rather the newest generation of Heelers, is the most significant piece of evidence that supports this identification.

Apparently, Jean-Luc is a dark blue labrador who is traveling all the way from Canada to Australia with his family. This information comes from the official Bluey website. That he and his family speak French does not prevent him from playing with Bluey when they meet on a camping vacation in the episode that is called… you guessed it… “Camping.” He is able to play with Bluey despite the fact that they speak French.

The friend that Bluey has from school is named Mackenzie. When he and his family relocated from New Zealand to Australia, they brought their border collies with them. Winton, who is a classmate of Bluey and Mackenzie, has even made jokes about the two of them being boyfriend and girlfriend together in the past.–662b4f0d00f48#goto6361–662b4f0d00f48#goto6361



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