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Biden caused his own demise.

By b0oua Mar 14, 2024

Robert Hur, a former special prosecutor, said before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday that it would be challenging to persuade a jury to find Vice President .

Joe Biden guilty of concealing confidential documents in his garage after he was elected vice president. That being the case, he had no choice but to cast doubt on the president’s mental capabilities in order to provide an explanation for his decision to not pursue legal action against him. Furthermore, in contrast to Trump, Biden promptly returned the materials under examination and did not make any attempt to disrupt the investigation.

During the course of his investigation, Hur referred to Biden as a “older man with a poor memory.” Over the course of his conversation with Hur, the President of the United States failed to recall, among other things, the year that his son Beau Biden passed away from cancer.

Joe Biden’s displeasure with his attorney general, Merrick Garland, has escalated as a result of the scandal. Biden accuses Garland of doing little to prevent Hur’s assessment from indicating that he had decreased mental faculties.

According to the Washington Post, the president’s aides do not believe thatinut the attorney general will cone to serve in his current position if Biden is re-elected. This is because the president’s enmity toward Garland is so strong.

In addition, the appointment of him as the Attorney General of the United States for the very first time was a blunder that would prove to be extremely detrimental. It is possible that he will lose his re-election. Garland delayed his feet by allowing the attempted coup by Trump on January 6, 2020 to slip through the legal system without any consequences for nearly two years.

The appointment of Jack Smith as a special prosecutor to handle criminal investigations into Donald Trump in connection with the attack on the Capitol and his concealing of classified papers at his Mar-a-Lago, Florida estate did not take place until November 18, 2022. Garland made the appointment with the intention of appointing Smith. Fearing that he would be accused of orchestrating partisan attacks against Donald Trump, Garland went into hiding.

Garland permitted Trump to further deepen the divisions that are ripping the United States apart by neglecting to take action when there was still time to do so because she failed to act. Long ago, Trump should have been held accountable for his crimes, but anyone else should have been held accountable instead. Both the fact that he is wealthy and the fact that Garland foolishly put it off contributed to his avoidance of it.

It is possible to listen to the Lester-Durocher meeting with Normand Lester, a blogger for the Journal de Montréal, through QUB.

The United States of America is currently in a precarious situation as a direct result of Garland’s obstinacy. In the upcoming presidential election, which will take place in November, Trump has a very good chance of winning. He is not the right person for the job, Joe Biden. In addition, the probability that the Democrats will be successful in selecting an enthusiastic leader such as Gavin Newsom, who is currently serving as the governor of California, is quite insignificant. Now is not the time to make a move.

If Garland had taken action sooner over Trump’s attempt to nullify the 2020 election and his theft of classified documents, the trials would have already begun or would have been completed with a conviction. Both of these possible outcomes would have occurred. As a result of the legal strategies employed by the former president and his administration to delay the process.

The co-founder of American Prospect magazine, Robert Kuttner, is of the opinion that “Garland is by far the worst Biden appointee.” He continues by saying that “if Biden is defeated because Garland mishandled the Trump investigation and gave Republicans a weapon… It’s not just Biden who will be punished for the stupidity of Garland’s nomination.”

A lawyer of Garland’s stature and temperament was required, according to Biden, in order to restore the Justice Department’s image for independence, which had been lost through the administration of Trump. It was one of the monumental errors that he made throughout his presidency.


By b0oua

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