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Bees disrupt Alcaraz-Zverev’s action at Indian Wells.

By b0oua Mar 16, 2024

When the quarterfinal match between the two players had just begun on Thursday, a swarm of insects entered the center court of the California event.

The match was between the two professionals. Even a sting to the forehead was administered to the Spaniard.

An extraordinary event that caused a disruption at one of the most prestigious tennis championships on the planet is known as VS. On Thursday, March 14, bees swarmed one of the courts at the Indian Wells tennis tournament in the United States. As a result, the current champion, Carlos Alcaraz, and Alexander Zverev, who were in the middle of a match at the time, were forced to seek refuge for about two hours.

Alcaraz, who is ranked second in the world, was stung on the forehead and forced to retreat from the insects, which he attempted to ward off with his racket before leaving the court. The referee, Mohamed Lahyani chair, stated that the game was stopped “due to an invasion of bees” when it was only two games into the quarterfinal match between the Spaniard and his German opponent. The match was being played between the two teams.

During the break, Alcaraz’s agent, Albert Molina, reported to the Spanish radio station Cadena Cope that the Spanish tennis player had been stung in the forehead but was in good condition. The player stated that he had never witnessed anything on a tennis court that was comparable to that.

It was during a match between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev that a local bee expert named Lance Davis arrived at Indian Wells to vacuum out the bees that had infested the center court area of the court facility.

“The game was able to resume almost two hours later thanks to the acclaimed intervention of Lance Davis, a local bee expert. The fascinated spectators were able to observe Lance Davis using a special vacuum cleaner to evacuate the bees that were grouped on the “spidercam,” which is a remote-controlled camera that is suspended above the court.

The specialist then used a spray to eliminate the remaining bees that were present at the scoreboards, the courtside seats, the tennis players’ equipment, and even some portions of the stands. While doing so, he took selfies and hugs with the audience members.

Following the resumption of the match, the former champion of the 2023 tournament triumphed over Zverev by a score of 6-3, 6-1, so advancing to the semi-finals of the competition.

The disruption of a high-profile tennis match by bees is not a new occurrence; in fact, it has occurred before. In 2022, during the Women’s Tennis Association 1000 tournament held in Guadalajara, Mexico, a match between Petra Kvitova and Bernarda Pera was delayed because of a swarm that was adhered to the chair that the referee was sitting in.

The 14th of March (Reuters) The phrase “Bees stop play” is not something that is typically heard by professional tennis players. However, Carlos Alcaraz made a beeline for the exit after swarms of the insects crowded center court during his quarterfinal match against Alexander Zverev on Thursday at Indian Wells.

When the annoying insects began to fly over the court, the Spaniard was about to serve with a score of 1-1 in the first set. Alcaraz, who had been attempting to swat away the bees with his racket but was unsuccessful, rushed for protection into the locker room.

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