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Asraf Beno does not keep quiet about his actions:

By b0oua Mar 15, 2024

The most emotional day of Asraf Beno’s life is about to arrive, and he can’t wait for it to happen.

And within the next several hours, he is going to tie the knot with Isa Pantoja, the woman he has been in a relationship with since 2018.

In point of fact, it is a wedding that both of them have been looking forward to for a very long time, and it will finally take place in Seville tonight, on Friday, October 13. Furthermore, this is all in spite of the controversy that has surrounded the aforementioned link as a result of the major absences that it will have.

Over the past several months, the two members of the happy marriage have been required to polish a great deal of preparations that have been undertaken.

On the other hand, there is no going back, and both of them are, to tell the truth, anxious about the fact that everything will go off without a hitch at a wedding that will undoubtedly generate a great deal of conversation.

Over the past three days, Isabel Pantoja’s kid has been experiencing a considerable amount of chaos. In addition, she has not skipped a single moment in the time leading up to the moment when she will tie the knot with the one with whom she intends to spend the rest of her life.

The fact that Isa Pantoja has made progress in the relationship is something that Asraf Beno is happy about.
It is true that Asraf was aware that his girl had grown obviously stressed with some concerns pertaining to the marriage. This is without a doubt a significant stage in the progression of their relationship.

It should come as no surprise that Isa Pantoja has made a crucial choice just a few hours before the wedding ceremony is scheduled to take place. This choice will surely have a huge impact on the future of both of them both.

Moreover, this is the kind of thing that good old Asraf Beno intended to capture in a video that he uploaded to the social networking platform TikTok. A social network that has grown to the point that it has thousands of followers over the course of some time.

With the knowledge that it would cost him a lot of money to make that gesture for his girlfriend, Asraf did not want to miss out on this opportunity. In addition to that, she has captured other photographs that are obviously brand new to the singer for her baby.

Recently, Isa Pantoja admitted that she has a considerable fear of driving. This confession was made somewhat recently. More specifically, she was afflicted with amaxophobia, which is an unreasonable dread of driving a vehicle.

In point of fact, Isa Pantoja has been putting her worries away in a drawer, as evidenced by the events that took place at the beginning of the week leading up to her wedding to Asraf. And thus, to the Moroccan’s astonishment, she has begun driving, demonstrating that she is neither timid nor lazy.

An really significant event is taking place today. Asraf exclaimed with a great deal of pride, “And my darling is driving.” According to what has been proved, he did so in a TikTok video that has astonished more than one of the couple’s followers.

Isa Pantoja has made the decision to move forward and confront the circumstance that caused her to feel so anxious, despite the fact that she had only occasionally driven owing to the terror that she had been experiencing.

It is a well-known fact that Asraf Beno consistently lauded his companion for their eagerness to participate. In addition, he has not been shy about reiterating “how good he is in the role of her co-pilot” as she is finally taking the wheel for the first time.

After hearing the story, which brought the young Peruvian girl’s boyfriend a great deal of joy, the two of them continued to run errands without stopping. On top of that, they have been making sure that their wedding, which is scheduled to take place on Friday, October 13, is flawless by preparing the final touches.

During the process of engraving their wedding rings, both of them were captured on film a few days ago. An extremely touching event that Isabel Pantoja’s daughter has shared on her various social media platforms, which has delighted all of her followers.

By b0oua

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