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A subway shooting in New York causes passenger panic.

By b0oua Mar 16, 2024

Before a fight broke out on Thursday, March 14, two men verbally abused one other in the New York subway. The incident occurred on March 14.

One of the two competitors pulled out a pistol, which his adversary was ultimately able to use against him because to someone else’s actions.

A string of violent acts that could never end. During the late afternoon hours of Thursday, March 14, a man who was 36 years old was fatally shot and died in a New York subway line located in the Brooklyn neighborhood. According to Eyewitness News, which is a division of ABC, the situation became more serious when a man who was 32 years old boarded the train.

According to the police, the man, who was 36 years old, approached the new passenger and continued to behave in a manner that was both forceful and offensive. It is also alleged that he attempted to physically assault the other man while simultaneously removing a sharp weapon from his jacket and attempting to attack him.

According to the police, the perpetrator then reportedly placed the sharp instrument, which was either a razor or a knife, before removing a pistol from his jacket on the victim. During the altercation, the 32-year-old guy is said to have taken the weapon, and then he discharged his weapon, hitting his opponent in the head.

The entire scenario was captured on camera by a number of passengers who were in a state of panic and used their iPhones to share the footage. In the footage, we can see the terrified passengers crouching on the ground inside the metro train while the cops attempt to intervene in the situation.

The injured man was transported to the hospital after the police intervened as the train arrived at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn stop following the incident. He passed away as a result of his severe injuries.

After a string of violent incidents that left their mark on the American megalopolis, Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul of New York State announced last week that she intended to deploy 750 members of the National Guard, which is the equivalent of the military, to secure the city’s subway system. The subway system is used every day by millions of residents and tourists.

They will be added to the numbers of the New York Police Department (NYPD), which are currently clearly visible on the platforms and in the corridors of the subway. This plan was decided shortly after the mayor of the city, Eric Adams, who is a Democrat and a former police officer, took office in the beginning of 2022.

An increasing number of violent occurrences have occurred in the metro system since the beginning of the year 2024. There was a man who was 34 years old who was killed and five other people who were hurt after bullets were fired in a station in the Bronx on February 12. The incident was ascribed to a feud between gangs. In addition, a subway conductor was stabbed in a Brooklyn station. This incident occurred at the end of February.

A man was also forced onto the rails, and there have been additional assaults that have taken place in recent days. When compared to the same month in 2023, the number of severe crimes that occurred in the transportation network increased by approximately fifty percent in the month of January.

A passenger on a train headed to Brooklyn has fatally shot another passenger as tensions on the carriage continue to rise. The police claimed that during the chaos that occurred on a W-busy afternoon train in Brooklyn, one passenger wrestled with another and shot them in the head, causing the other passenger to die as a result of their injuries.

During the middle of the day, during rush hour, John Doe, a 32-year-old male, was on a northbound A train when he was threatened by a 36-year-old rider who was described as a violent individual by New York City Police Chief Michael Kemper. At approximately 4:4:45 p.m., the altercation became apparent at the subway station located on Nostrand Avenue.

While the distant camera captures the incident, the attacker is claimed to have said, “I’ll beat you up!” and severely escalated the situation by using profanity and making efforts to physically attack the victim. The conflict ultimately became more physical, despite the fact that other passengers wanted to put an end to the flow of tension as it was occurring.

The confrontation reached its culmination when the 36-year-old pulled out a gun, which caused the cabins to experience a great deal of anxiety within them. As it became apparent that passengers on the train were frantically trying to get to safety, the action began to unfold. Some of the passengers even displayed dread in recordings that they had taken.

While standing in front of a big crowd of commuters, the senior officer, who was 32 years old at the time, was able to successfully feed the other man and then shoot him by shooting him several times. It seemed as though the sound of the gun spurred me to make a mad dash to get out of a train at a station that would later be referred to as A/C Hoyt–Schermerhorn.

After the officers arrived to the site in a hurry, they were able to subdue the shooter, and he was unable to escape the train car. Following the victim’s arrival at the emergency room at Brooklyn Methodist, they were immediately sent to the operating room for surgery. The victim was in a critical state when the dispatcher arrived.

Officials from the city have stated that the most recent outburst should not be ignored since it poses a potential risk to the safety of the general public.

Kemper is quoted as saying, “It is not right and it is absolutely outrageous when you bring a gun on a train and you start a fight.”

The marks that were left behind on the walls and ceilings of the trains are not only painful, but they have also become a warning message to innocent passengers who are now fearing for their lives, which is exactly what they should be!

Take away all of the firearms! In the event that a firearm is involved, we are unable to tolerate it,” Janno Lieber, the Chair and CEO of the MTA, stated.

This brings to the foreground the more stringent security measures that are being implemented within the subway system, particularly in light of the ever-increasing violence that is occurring within the underground network.

Despite the fact that a number of different security measures have been implemented in recent times, military soldiers have been sent to the National Guard, and state police have begun working there, the problem of firearms being used in public transportation continues to worsen.

According to the statistics that was made public, the fact that the number of shooting incidents that have occurred in subways has significantly increased in comparison to this time last year is quite concerning. The data of the police department indicate that there have been more than four times as many victims of a type of shooting and a considerable increase in the number of arrests related to firearms in comparison to the previous years.

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